Program 2017

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The program will target four topic “clouds”, symbolizing the increasing digitalization in the energy field, but also the ongoing creation and innovation process.


The RISK cloud

New developments in technologies and markets are associated with uncertainty. Investors remain cautious, and try to be extremely selective. Traditional energy companies are at risk of losing their business models and market shares. They avoid investments in existing or new energy infrastructures. In addition to this, there is the threat of climate change induced effects on energy infrastructures (storms, flooding, and drought). How do banks and insurance companies see these risks? How to overcome the investment paralysis? What is the role of the government in this situation?


The BUSINESS cloud

Technological change has already triggered fundamental changes of business models and business-customer relations. Regulation is lagging behind as new products and services mushroom on an almost daily basis. What are the most promising developments among the new distribution channels, tariff and pricing systems? How to guarantee security of supply in these new markets? Who is responsible for cost and energy efficiency, for standards and security? Are we experiencing an Uberization of the energy business, and what will be the effects?


The BUILDING cloud

The population is growing and with it the need for a high-density, ecological and energy-efficient architecture and urban planning. NYC has great experience in handling an ever-growing head count of inhabitants, commuters and tourists. What are the lessons learnt, what are the strategies for the future against the background of a radically changing energy system? What are solutions and strategies developed by Swiss and US companies and research organizations? Is there a public discourse about building and urban planning development – after all, we all spend most of our time in buildings at home or at work? Should the government facilitate this discourse? What is the role of the private sector in this development?



This cloud deals with technological progress. Among the most important issues that will shape the new energy system are smart grids and storage solutions. Where do we stand today? How fast will storage technologies develop and penetrate the market? Will they be as cheap as promised? Will smart grids and storage lead to new structural, economic, societal or technological problems?


Participants in the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2017 will explore these questions with an international group of professionals from industry, academia, and government to identify current and future developments, new approaches, good practices and lessons learned in these fields. Pursuing a cross-disciplinary approach, this conference acknowledges the merging of different technologies and critically examines their impact on the future energy landscape. It also examines differences and similarities in approaches between the US and in Switzerland, thus stimulating debate and cultivating strong relationships between Swiss and US energy experts.


Program (as of August 17, 2017)

 Download detailed program as pdf below


Sunday, August 20, 2017

·         Individual arrival of Swiss participants in New York City

·         Welcome Cocktail for the Swiss delegation with the Swiss General Consul


Monday, August 21, 2017


·         Welcome addresses by Benoît Revaz, Director, Swiss Federal Office of Energy

·         Key note by Jill C. Anderson, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial
          Officer Energy Solutions, NY Power Authority

·         Key note by Christine Weydig, Director of the Office of Environmental
          and Energy Programs, Port Authority of NY and NJ

·         Presentations and Interactive Panel Discussions on the four “clouds”

·         Guided bus tour to remarkable energy sights in New York City

·         Networking dinner at Pier A, 22 Battery Place


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Site Visits and Mini-seminars targeting the four “clouds”

·         Networking dinner at Penthouse 45


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

·         Closing Seminar, Panel Discussion and Speed-Pitching Session at WSP USA

·         Farewell lunch

·         Optional site-visit in the afternoon to Newtown Creek Waste Water
          Treatment Plant

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