Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2022


The 9th edition of the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days – SUEID 2022 – will return in-person TO Bern, Switzerland, FROM SUNDAY, August 14 through TUESDAY, August 16, 2022.

All over the world, including in the US and Switzerland, programs are underway or being rolled out to accelerate the energy transition. As we move forward, however, we also encounter new challenges and conflicting interests. How much do we value factors such as biodiversity, landscape conservation, social equity, financial affordability, or the return on investment demands of the economy in transforming the energy system? These are just some of the many questions that arise when talking about the energy transition. Above all, this is not only about rebuilding our systems to be stronger and greener – it’s also about accelerating the pace at which we effect these changes. Here, too, failure is not an option.


SUEID 2022 will help clarify the relationship of the US and Switzerland with the energy transition – spoiler alert: it’s complicated – and illuminate which technologies could be bridges to or even central elements of the new energy world. In this context, we will also venture into the contributions and intersection of regulation, policy, society, and economy.


Getting involved with SUEID 2022 means joining a transatlantic community of energy experts, while benefitting from lively short presentations, in-depth panels, networking, and exciting site visits in and around Bern, the federal capital of Switzerland, with its uniquely preserved old city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


You can find a preliminary program in the Invitation document. 


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