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The United States of America and Switzerland are currently undergoing a fundamental transformation of the energy sector that poses huge new challenges to society, science, economy and politics. Tackling these challenges will require the most brilliant minds in both countries.


The Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days from August 22 – 24, 2016 in San Francisco, will bring them all togeth­er in order to exchange perspectives, and to share expertise and practical experiences in the emerging new energy world. It will be the third edition of the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days which were initiated in Boston in 2014 and followed by a second edition last year in Zurich, Switzerland.


Why San Francisco?

The ongoing convergence of ICT and energy systems has turned energy technologies into a "hot topic" for tech entrepreneurs, researchers and big-data specialists. Especially in the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley region, a creative search is underway  for homes, businesses and the electric grids, as well as electrical mobility.


Join us on an in-to-out journey

The Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2016 invite you to join us on a 2.5-day learning journey to focus on these new technologies, services and regulation schemes. The program follows an in-to-out approach incorporating technologies and services IN the building, how those connect TO the outside world through smart technologes including mobility, and how the OUTside energy infrastructure can support this paradigm shift in the way energy is produced and consumed.


Participants in the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2016 will explore these currents with an international group of professionals from industry, academia, and government to identify current and future developments, new approaches, good practices and lessons learned in these fields. Pursuing a cross-disciplinary approach, this conference acknowledges the merging of different technologies and critically examines their impact on the future energy landscape. It also examines differences and similarities in approaches between the US and in Switzerland, thus stimulating debate and cultivating strong relationships between Swiss and US energy experts.