On May 23, 2016 was the grand opening of the new NEST research lab on the EMPA campus.  A worldwide unique chance to do 1:1 research for interdisciplinary Building excellence.

Energy Futures – Europe and North America

A joint Symposium of MIT Energy Initiative and ETH Zurich on Monday, June 6th, 2016 at ETH Zurich will explore the approaches being taken in Europe and North America to secure the energy futures of both regions given the urgent need to act on climate change. Dynamics relating to the power grid’s evolution, the use of fossil fuels, the role of nuclear power and the changes in mobility will be discussed by a panel of experts from both sides of the Atlantic. Lessons learned from past policy and regulatory actions, along with existing efforts to support technology development and deployment will be assessed. Emphasis will be placed on identifying effective mechanisms to hasten the development, deployment and implementation of energy efficiency and low-carbon energy technologies. Areas of opportunity for further technology progress will be highlighted and the potential for joint research will be explored.

Yesterday, April 19, 2016, architect Karl Viridén, who will join us in San Francisco at the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days, presented his new lighthouse project in Zurich. Good read (in german only).

Podcast: A tour of Swiss energy efficiency. What does it take for a building to win one of Switzerland's most prestigious sustainability awards? swissinfo.ch reports about a tour of the Swisscom Business-Park near Bern — winner of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy 2015 Watt d'Or award for Buildings and Space. Martin Meier, responsible for the building's energy concept, will join us in San Francisco at the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2016.

Read and listen the report on Swiss national Radio about the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2015

August 13, 2015 - Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2015: 300 high-level Energy Innovation Representatives from the USA and Switzerland will meet in Zurich: Read our press release  !

June 16, 2015 - High-level Energy Innovation Representatives from Massachusetts and Switzerland to meet in Zurich: Read our press release !