Download the presentations of the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days 2017 below

Welcome Address by Felix Moesner, CEO swissnex China
Felix Moesner, former CEO of swissnex Boston is one of the founders of the Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days
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Energy transition: Using data to revolutionize our business
Jill C. Anderson, Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, Energy Solutions, New York Power Authority
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Take the risk or lose the opportunity: The power of innovation
Christine Weydig, Director of Environmental and Energy Programs, Port Authority of NY and NJ
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Multilingual Energy Discourses: The case of Switzerland
Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow, Professor of Translation Studies, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
2017.08.22 Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow new.
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Distributed grid solutions that bring people, technology and energy together
Lawrence Orsini, Founder, LO3 energy, Brooklyn Community Member
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How technological change triggers new business models
David Groarke, Managing Director, Indigo Advisory Group
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Key Success Factor «Company Culture»
Kurt Luescher, Managing Director, imforce
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Urban Future Lab
Joseph Silver, Program Manager, Urban Future Lab
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DC microgrids, an opportunity?
Andreas Hutter, Section Head Energy Systems, CSEM
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What makes a building smart?
Peter Richner, Deputy Director, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology EMPA
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Step by step towards higher efficiency ... and more simplicity
Martin Meier, Founder and CEO, simply build better
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Optimizing the Whole - A Life Cycle Approach to Real Estate
Stephan Tanner, Principal at intep
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Future of Our Energy System
Steven Cohen, Executive Director, The Earth Institute, Columbia University
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Battrion AG
Deniz Bozyigit, Chief Analytics Officer, Battrion AG
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The Photovoltaic Roof T.C.R. (Triactive Core Roof)
Daniel Lepori, CEO, Designergy SA
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greenTEG U-value measurement KIT
Holger Hendrichs, GreenTEG
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Solar Activated Facade
Eric Nelson, Nelson Architects
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Video - Solar Activated Facade
Eric Nelson, Nelson Architects
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Retrofit of an apartment building to a „Plus Energy House“
Karl Viridén, Viridén + Partner AG
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ICT «digitalisation» for efficient resource management in waterworks
Bruno Storni, Swiss Engineering
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Optimizing offices for the people inside
Gabriel Peschiera, envairo
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Superior site control with LYNC DR® ESS: Energy storgae system with uninterruptible power & microgrid control
Steven Lichtin, Go Electric Inc.
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Facilitating Investment into the United States
Anne McKinney, Director of Investment Services, SelectUSA
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